The Escrow Process

The Role of Your Escrow Officer

During the escrow process your escrow officer will provide the following:

  • Serves as the communication link to all parties in the transaction.
  • Prepares escrow instructions.
  • Requests a preliminary title search to determine the basis upon which a title insurance policy may be used.
  • Requests a beneficiary’s statement of pay-off demand relating to existing financing.
  • Complies with lender’s requirements, specified in escrow agreement.
  • Receives purchase funds from the buyer.
  • Prepares or secures the deed or other documents related to escrow.
  • Prorates taxes, interest, insurance and rents according to instructions.
  • Secures releases of all contingencies or other conditions as imposed on any particular escrow.
  • Forwards recordable documents to the title company.
  • Requests issuance of the title insurance policy.
  • Closes escrow when all of the instructions of the buyer and seller have been carried out.
  • Disburses funds as authorized by instructions, including charges for title insurance, recording fees, real estate commissions and loan payoffs.
  • Prepares final statements for the parties accounting for the disposition of all funds deposited in escrow.

The Escrow Process 30 DAY Life cycle

1st Week of Escrow (opening)
  • Provide completely executed contract and any counter offers (copy of signed Residential agreement).
  • Buyer’s deposit (contract usually states within 3 days of acceptance).
  • Request New Lender info and/or pre-qualified letter.
  • Escrow to open title order, request CCR’s and order payoff demands / counter offers.
  • Prepare and fax escrow addendum to both agents for review and approval.
  • Send out Escrow packages to buyers and sellers (copies to agents).
    (All reports, i.e. title, termite, physical inspection, natural hazard, etc. should be ordered the 1st week).

2nd Week of Escrow
  • Call Escrow to verify if client has returned paper work.
  • Selling agent – check with Lender, have they completed Loan Package, is credit report in, has appraisal been ordered?
  • Are title report & CCR’s in, if so has it been sent to buyers & agents for approval?
  • Is termite in, if so has it been reviewed and forwarded to escrow?
  • Check with Escrow to make sure payoff demands, HOA demands & docs have been ordered.

3rd Week of Escrow
  • Check with Escrow, what is still outstanding (i.e. receipts for reports, buyers insurance info, etc.)?
  • Check status of loan approval, if approved when will docs be ordered (check with both escrow and lender)?
  • Has termite work been completed?
  • Have repairs (if applicable) been completed? Will seller pay direct or through escrow?
    If paying through escrow submit to escrow seller’s approval for payment.
  • Order home protection plan (agent requesting services should be the one to order).

4th Week of Escrow
  • Docs should be ordered and received by escrow for prompt closing.
  • Make appointment with buyer to sign docs, advise the amount of money to bring to escrow.
  • Complete final audit with escrow officer and transaction manager for any outstanding items.
  • Docs back to lender, escrow coordinates with lender to fund Buyers’ loan.
  • Loan funds, documents record, escrow closes.

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