Termite Inspection

A ‘Termite Inspection’ is the common name for California’s Wood Destroying Pests and Organism Inspection Report. These reports are completed by certified inspectors. The inspectors are trained to look for evidence of termite infestation and dry rot. Both the interior and exterior of a structure and the attached garage are inspected. Inspections include roof shingles, fascia, rafters, siding, attics, Doors, windows, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms and anything attached to the home such as a covered patio. A Termite Inspection Report is typically required by the bank funding the loan on the property.

​We highly recommend home sellers order a termite inspection prior to putting their home up for sale to uncover any needed repairs, treatments, or fumigation. If costly repairs are discovered before the property is on the market the seller can then choose to make some or all of the repairs, contractually share the costs with the buyer, or contractually transfer the property to the buyer without making any repairs. If the termite inspection is ordered after escrow is opened, no matter how costly any needed repairs are, the seller may be contractually obligated to pay the full cost of the repairs. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not advised by their agents to perform this inspection before going on the market.

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